Jeff Wagner's Vision

A Bold Vision for Pasadena

Pasadena can be the most livable city in Texas—inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable. We have worked hard to create the city we love, but we need to grow and adapt to new technologies and advance by updating our opportunities for a healthy future, our economic prosperity, social well-being, and environmental health must go hand-in-hand. As we move forward, Pasadena must be a place that works for ALL citizens with one goal:  Strength Together. 

Local Experience
Jeff has the practical, relevant experience necessary to help Pasadena realize this bold vision. Jeff has spent the last two years having on-the-job training to become your next Mayor. Jeff has shared with city leaders his ideas for financing infrastructure, building effective partnerships, engaging citizens, and growing economically while protecting the welfare of all citizens.   Being on Council has given him the inside advantage to realize how the city works and most importantly how it should not work. Jeff is deeply committed to promoting prosperity among all residents of Pasadena through solutions to keep all business and future businesses to come to and stay in Pasadena. Together, he knows we can make our neighborhoods great while at the same time create economic opportunity.

Community-based Problem Solving
Jeff understands the power of thinking creatively about community. Listening to the concerns of the community through attending meetings of Home Owner Associations and Civic groups has given him the perspective for future voting on issues that matter to the people of concern. Jeff understands firsthand the power of community. As Pasadena’s Mayor, he will ensure collaborative solutions to our most challenging issues.