Jeff Wagner, Candidate for Mayor of Pasadena, Texas


Pasadena is changing rapidly right before our eyes. It’s a time of great opportunity. We must ask ourselves: How can we can improve our city without losing what makes Pasadena unique? Decades of good planning, innovative thinking, and community building have created a great place to call home. But not every area of our city has access to the best this city has to offer.  We need a bold leader to step up, think big, and unify Pasadena for a strong future.


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Jeff Wagner For Mayor of Pasadena, TX



Ann Harris Bennett
Voter Registrar
P.O. Box 3527
  Houston, TX 77253-3527

"As Pasadena City Councilman of District F, I devote myself to this community. By working together, I know we can create great things!" - Jeff Wagner